Now we are Border Guards, both Doctors and Landlords alike

Buy to let lending

Landlords risk being criminalised under new legislation on the Right to Rent scheme. Now being rolled out around the country, landlords face a penalty of up to £3000 per tenant (note, that’s for each tenant) if they are found to be renting out a property to someone who is in the UK illegally.

Of course, quite right in many ways – we have the processes in place to be diligent and we should certainly apply them. Although as Jonn Elledge in The Guardian puts it: “Why does Theresa May think landlords would make good immigration officers?”:

And then an interestingly put observation from the medical profession when The Times reported the story last weekend that “Foreigners to Pay for Emergency Healthcare”. I quote: The British Medication Association has previously refused checks on patients’ status. Mark Porter, chairman of its governing council, said: “A doctor’s duty is to treat the patient in front of them, not to act as border guard”

Hmmm….Yes, different circumstances, but it’s front page news for doctors objecting to this potential new obligation in the context that they cannot be expected to be doing the job of UK Border Force – yet legislation has passed that criminalises landlords who might voice a similar objection.

Just saying…

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