We’re here to help landlords with the most up to date news and information

Landlords need advice (some of the time); Tenants need help (also some of the time).

The point is that the world of renting involves two parties linked by one property, but wrapped around that is a whole other world of legalese, regulation, financial stuff, and good old plain common sense. It’s not always easy to put all these parts together and make one coherent and comfortable conclusion for both parties.

Except that’s what we do daily as agents, we excel at it (number one agent in Leicestershire on the main review site!), we know our way through the minefields, and we want to help the whole process of renting work well for you.

I’ve been a landlord for twenty-odd years, my properties work as investments because they are good rentals, and my tenants are happy with these properties as their homes. Let me and my team pass on to you how that is achieved, what is happening in lettings, what’s coming over the horizon, what makes us laugh and also cringe, and how to (hopefully) make success out of the tough rental climate for all.

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